Resolving multidisciplinary challenges of seamless integration of data on people, business, and the environment through the AusPIX Discrete Global Grid System Framework

Mr Joseph Bell1, Mr Shane Crossman1, Ms Irina Bastrakova1

1Geoscience Australia

Increasingly, crisis situations require transparent, verifiable and trusted information. Solutions commonly have to simultaneously cover multiple diverse use cases (e.g. social, environmental and economic). The 2020 Australian bushfire crisis and the global COVID-19 pandemic are examples of these complex crisis events.

The unifying factor for these events is location: everything is happening somewhere at some time. The AusPIX framework being developed through OGC emerging Discrete Global Grid System cutting-edge technology. The AusPIX data integration framework is changing the way spatial data are enabled leading to an endless range of diverse and powerful data integration tasks, statistics and visualization possibilities.

The AusPIX DGGS provides a common framework to greatly increase the amount of location intelligence by flexibly linking big and small data in multiple formats, types and structures, and provides a framework for quick, reliable, repeatable, reusable infrastructure and codes. It fosters cross community collaboration and facilitates quick responses to stakeholder needs and for multiple use cases.

This paper will outline how Geoscience Australia and its partners implement the AusPIX framework to allowing for rapid and repeatable analysis of cross-portfolio response to devastating events of the 2020 Australian Bushfires. AusPIX provided location-based data in a consistent way for seamless integration of data on people, business, and the environment.


Joseph Bell is a Geospatial Data Scientist at Geoscience Australia. As Spatial Scientist and Python programmer Joseph is invested in, and enjoys, designing workflows and technology to move data up in the knowledge triangle from data to information, and on to knowledge and wisdom. With a focus on the knowledge layer Joseph is developing the AusPIX framework for data integration, statistics, and visualisation, including tools for linked-data and vocabularies.  Joseph has applied the discrete global grid system (DGGS) to define enduring locations and he is aiming for online tools to bring social, environmental and business data together.

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