Rising to the Occasion: Learnings from 9 RDM Self-Evaluation Workshops

Dr Nichola Burton1, Mr Keith Russell2

1Australian Research Data Commons, Perth, Australia
2Australian Research Data Commons, Melbourne, Australia

Effective research data management (RDM) requires coordination across multiple research-supporting units in an institution. These units often have different focus and goals, and organisational structure can make coordination difficult.

The DCC’s Research Infrastructure Self-Evaluation (RISE) framework provides a model for assessing the maturity of an institution’s RDM policies, procedures and services across the entire research data lifecycle. ARDC has used this framework (adapted to the Australian context) to run self-evaluation workshops at nine Australian research institutions which brought together representatives from all research-supporting units and academics. We provided each institution with a report reflecting the self-assessed maturity of the institution across the RISE indicators, as well as discussion notes capturing issues and points of agreement and disagreement within the institution.

Participating institutions found the exercise useful in promoting intra-institutional collaboration and identifying service gaps, with several incorporating the reports into the development of their RDM strategies. The aggregated self-assessments and common issues and discussion points give a picture of current RDM capability across the participating institutions.


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