Secure eResearch Platform to support research during COVID-19

Mr Mat Ishac1, Mr Jerico Revote1, Mr Daniel Waghorn1, Ms Komathy Padmanabhan1, Professor Belinda Gabbe1, Mr Chris Mac Manus1, Ms Anitha Kannan1

1Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Monash SeRP is a secure research platform that enables the storage, analysis and sharing of research data, in a well governed environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic researchers are working remotely due to site closures and physical distancing.

The Secure eResearch Platform (SeRP) has been developed by Swansea University and is the gold standard for managing, sharing and collaborating over sensitive data. Monash has collaborated with Swansea University to adapt SeRP for the Australian context and this is being operated as Monash SeRP.

Prof Belinda Gabbe has been an early adopter of Monash SeRP through three key research projects; the NHMRC funded VIBES-Junior study, population linkage of state-based trauma datasets, and an international bench-marking study of trauma outcomes. Each of these projects has had critical reporting deadlines to key funders and stakeholders.

The availability of Monash SeRP and other remote tools for collaboration have ensured continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic. The availability of this platform has provided access to high capacity computing for complex analytics by multiple analysts in Australia and internationally, with exceptional security and data custodian control.  Monash SeRP has accelerated analysis of complex data, and collaboration between analysts, in a time-frame that would not otherwise be possible.

Monash SeRP has been approved for hosting de-identified data and certification for hosting identified and re-identifiable data is in progress, and is envisaged to support a significant proportion of research at Monash University that require secure collaboration environments for sensitive research data.


Mathew Ishac is Project Support Officer at Helix, Monash University with a background in facilitating the implementation and training of new technology within hospital and health research fields.

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