SIGNet: Building the SWAN community

Dr Sara King1, Dr Anastasios Papaioannou2, Mr Paul Branson3, Mr Michael D’Silva4

1AARNet, Adelaide, Australia
2Intersect, Sydney, Australia
3CSIRO, Perth, Australia
4AARNet, Melbourne, Australia

By the end of 2020, it is predicted that there will be over 100 million Jupyter Notebooks in Github, the world’s largest host of source code. In 2015 the site hosted just 270,000.

Initially gaining popularity in programming and computer science, Jupyter Notebooks are the tool of choice for an ever-increasing number of researchers in Australia who now have access to a dedicated Jupyter Notebooks environment, the Service for Web-based ANalysis (SWAN), via AARNet’s CloudStor. Launched in December 2018 the service is available for all researchers at member institutions.

In early 2020, AARNet invited a group of SWAN users to create the CloudStor SWAN Special Interest Group network (SIGnet ). The primary focus of the SIGnet community is for users to help each other use SWAN efficiently to accelerate quality research in Australia. SIGnet aims to address the need for building knowledge and expertise in handling, analysing, and visualising research data using Jupyter Notebooks.

This BoF will be a timely opportunity to support interactions between SWAN users. This session will bring together a range of people across different domains who are using Jupyter Notebooks in different ways to showcase their work.

In addition to short presentations on various use cases of SWAN, this will be an opportunity for the community to provide feedback and suggestions. The AARNet team will update the community on current developments and future plans for CloudStor and SWAN, including a service for sensitive data.


Dr Sara King is the Training and Engagement Lead for AARNet. She is focused on outreach within the research sector, developing communities of interest around training, outreach and skills development in eResearch. She is currently working on creating reusable guidance information for Jupyter Notebooks and other AARNet services to be adapted for Carpentry training workshops. She is passionate about helping others develop the infrastructure and digital literacies required for working in a data-driven world, translating technology so it is accessible to everyone.

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