Supporting REDCap at scale at Monash University

Mr John Liman1, Mr Chris Mac Manus1

1Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Research platforms that are easy-to-use, self-governed and available from little-to-no-cost mean that research can be undertaken without the traditional barriers of high-cost, complex-workflows and a dependency on experts to operate. REDCap is a great example in this space, and we describe the niche that REDCap is carving out that is fast becoming the first option for any small to medium size research projects.

With a fast growth of user base and projects within Monash University, a sustainable method is needed to support them.  By partnering with various groups within Monash University, Helix is able to support 600 projects and 3000+ users which are growing daily.  The activities that Helix lead and support includes an Introduction to REDCap hands-on workshop, users and projects creation, technical consultation, and project customisations, as well as building a local REDCap community within Monash which meet regularly.

A recent audit of REDCap found that whilst Medicine was a major user of the platform, Helix found that other Faculties were increasingly using the platform, and one of the largest non-Medicine groups is Pharmacy.  Helix is now looking to provide REDCap and other platforms for use by all Faculties within the University that require access to platforms for sensitive data capture, storage and processing. Establishing a strong Community of Practice that will foster the need to provide support at scale, and by developing formal training will help to educate a future generation of researchers that see REDCap on the critical path to high quality research.


John Liman is the Senior Software Engineer at Helix, Monash University.  John is the Monash REDCap administrator supporting researchers with REDCap design, training, project consultation and customisations.

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