Symplectic Elements is partnering with academic institutions to identify gaps in current pre-award grant management solutions.

Ms. Anne Harvey1, Ms. Julia Hawks1

1Symplectic , London, UK
2Digital Science, , UK



Our findings have enabled us to create a single institutional research management solution called the Research Funding Solution. This solution focuses on reuse of information to minimise administrative burden on research offices and researchers alike.

In late 2016 and early 2017, Symplectic conducted 61 extensive interviews with 3 academic institutions in New Zealand and Australia. It was evident from these interviews that there was a need and desire to change the processes involved in pre-award workflows. We updated and continued our study in November 2019 when we extended our interviews to include 2 further universities in the region while revisiting the original 3 universities and approaching additional stakeholders. The outcome was expanding the functionality of the Elements Platform to include managing funding workflows via the Research Funding Solution. This solution is a seamless extension to the Elements Platform that empowers research administrators to partner with researchers to manage the grant approval process. This presentation aims to share our summarised findings from these interviews and workshops, with a focus on presenting the perceived shortcomings of existing approaches and our approach to a product based solution for overcoming these burdens.


Anne Harvey is the Managing Director for Digital Science Asia Pacific with an overall responsibility of supporting clients with their research management objectives. Anne has been involved in a number of projects including Big Data Computing (which refers to the ability of an organisation to create, manipulate, manage and analyze large data sets and its ability to drive knowledge creation), Australia’s ERA 2012 and 2010 (research assessment exercise). Anne has a passion for information and research and previous positions include Regional Sales Manager at Elsevier, Business Development Manager  at Thomson Reuters.

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