The Ceres Tag Platform for Livestock Monitoring and Research

Ms Heidi Perrett1, Dr Greg Bishop-Hurley2

1CeresTag Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia
2CSIRO Agriculture & Food, Brisbane, Australia

Ceres Tag uses its unique smart ear tag to collect sensor data on animal to monitor location, health, welfare, traceability and provenance. It’s the first in the world to design a livestock monitoring platform using low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, an improved retention system and a “whole of animal life” battery, thereby enabling it to become the first accredited livestock monitoring smart ear tag in the world, to both national and international standards.

A key part of the Ceres Tag lifecycle is the development of our research collar and platform. This will allow researchers and research groups to access raw ear tag data and develop behavioural algorithms for specific behaviours or events like oestrus detection, distress and theft. Once finalised, these algorithms can be uploaded to the ear tags and used or purchased by the wider community to notify them when a specific behaviour or event has occurred.

This presentation will introduce Ceres Tag’s information platform and the research platform.


Dr Greg Bishop-Hurley is a senior research scientist and project leader with CSIRO based in Brisbane. He is leading research in the area of precision livestock management, developing systems to remotely monitor and manage livestock and their environment. The research is focused on developing novel technologies, methodologies and delivery mechanisms to improve the productivity and sustainability of the system, while reducing the environmental footprint. This work aims to develop both research tools and commercial products and gain a better understanding of the factors affecting animal behaviour, as well as gathering data on herd movements and sensor performance in the field.

Heidi has over 10 years of experience as a Research Software Engineer, where she developed, lead and co-ordinated numerous projects across multiple disciplines within eResearch Services at Griffith University. For several years she also managed a secure, air-gapped research facility for the School of Criminology & Criminal Justice. One of only three in the world, it was built to ASIO standards to hold sensitive administrative datasets for research. She also led the Data Innovation team at QCIF before being drawn into working for Ceres Tag as their Data Platform Manager. Ceres Tag are an AgriTech company that are producing a smart ear-tag for livestock around the world.

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