The Sensitive Data Access Community of Practice – recent activities and future directions

Dr Steven McEachern1, Dr. Frankie Stevens2, Dr.  Nichola Burton3, Dr. Kristan Kang4

1Australian Data Archive, Acton, Australia
2AARNet, Gold Coast, Australia
3ARDC, Perth, Australia
4ARDC, Canberra, Australia

The Sensitive Data Community of Practice (CoP) was established in 2018, following on from the 2018 eResearch conference BoF “Sensitive Data – How do you do yours?” ( In the two years since it’s establishment, the CoP has built a growing community of eResearch practitioners with a common interest in sharing approaches, practices and experiences in managing sensitive data. The community includes technical, governance and domain specialists across academia, government, health and medical facilities and private sector providers.

This BoF is intended to introduce the Sensitive Data CoP to the broader eResearch community. The CoP facilitators (from AARNet, ADA and ARDC) will present an introduction to the purpose and scope of the CoP. The team will review the activities of the CoP, and the breadth and coverage of the CoP membership. They will then lead a facilited discussion among participants on potential future directions for the CoP, future topics and speakers for CoP events, and interest in collaborative projects and investments to enable research using sensitive data.

REVIEWER NOTE: This BOF is intended to run separately from, but extending upon, the co-submitted “Recent developments in platforms and services for sensitive data access in Australia”.


Steve McEachern is the Director of the Australian Data Archive at the Australian National University

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