raPID fire persistent identifiers BoF

BoF session chairs:

Natasha Simons (ARDC), Melroy Almeida (AAF), Siobhann McCafferty (ARDC)

Presenters: Adrian Burton (ARDC), Jens Klump (CSIRO)


Persistent Identifiers (PIDs) such as ORCIDs and DOIs are critical to enabling FAIR research and lay the foundation for improved citation and tracking of research impact. The PID landscape nationally and internationally is varied, dynamic and evolving which can make it both exciting and challenging for researchers and research institutions to navigate.

  • The goals of this raPID fire BoF session are to enable you to dip into this dynamic topic and:
  • Broaden your understanding of the value proposition of PIDs
  • Hear about a range of PID types and initiatives in use in research
  • Create a space where you can raise challenges you may be having in adopting, integrating or using PIDs in your research and/or institutional research systems
  • Provide an opportunity for you to hear about new developments in the PID landscape from the perspective of the organisation’s who enable and support PID adoption in Australia

In this session, you will hear a number of short raPID fire presentations from Australian “PIDs nerds” involved in a range of PID initiatives including but not limited to ORCIDs, DOIs, PIDs for research instruments, IGSN and RAID. Each raPID presentation will be followed by a short discussion and question time on the ideas presented.

Agenda for session

PID power – Adrian Burton (ARDC)
Focussing on the value proposition of PIDs, highlighting PID developments and opportunities

Topics for discussion:

  • What PIDs are in use at your institution?
  • What do you see as the main barriers for PID adoption at your institution?

ORCID – Melroy Almeida (AAF)
Update from the Australian ORCID consortium lead

Topics for discussion:

  • What would improve the value of ORCID for your institution and/or your researchers?
  • If you could make one improvement to ORCID what would it be?

PIDs for research instruments – Siobhann McCafferty (ARDC)
Sharing the work of the Identifiers for Instruments in Australia (i4iOZ) Interest Group

Topics for discussion:

  • Why do instruments need identifiers?
  • What identifiers are you using or considering using for your instruments?

IGSN – Jens Klump (CSIRO)
Overview of the IGSN for physical samples 2040 project and future outlook

Topics for discussion:

  • What is the key value of the IGSN?

RAID – Natasha Simons (ARDC)
Spotlight on the relative newcomer, the Research Activity Identifier

Topics for discussion:

  • How can RAID add value to your research institution?

Summary and session close

Note to participants

In this session, we will be making use of Menti to enhance discussion. Please have your mobile phone handy so that you can participate in the questions asked via menti.com (additional software not required).

We are also inviting you to participate in an optional “PIDs nerds” challenge. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:

  • Create a PID Pun – post your best PID Pun in the discussion forum during the BoF

The winner will be crowned chief PIDs Nerd for the day and receive an ARDC mug in the post.

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