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With, Dawn, Always, God is always with us, The dawn II STANDING ORDERS ROGERS RANGERS 1. Don`t forget anything. 2. Leave your musketeer clean as a pipe, flagellated Hatchet, sixty rounds of powder and ball, and be ready to scroll a minute warning. 4 , Michael Gilardy, Laura Haney, Marc Cloptin, Wendy Bobb, Ed Fox, Yari Jaeda, Mary Carroll Nelson, Amari Magdelana, JaneAnn Dow, Russ Venable, Gu and Maya Khalsa, Mataji Rosita, Fred and Marion Vatmelli, Diane Laurent, Polich, Gail Dawn Price, Barbara Simon, Patti, Kaye Thompson Torres, Ramin Yazdani, Linda Lightfoot, Terry Gorton, Dorothy Lee, Frank, Jennifer and Jeanne Jenkins, George Gorton, Tita Weems, Shelley Wolf, Gigi Boyce, Morgan Drasmm, Eddie Von Sonn, Sydney de Jong, Peg Hackett Cancienne, Germame Bautista, Pilar Mendoza, Debbie Rund Caldwell, Bea La Scalla, La Toltec THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO, THE TOLTEC mexico known as the “Women and Men of Knowledge.” Anthropologists have spoken of the Toltec as a nation or race, but in fact the Toltec were scientists and artists who formed a society to explore and preserve the spiritual knowledge and practices of the ancients. 2 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Ruiz, Miguel, 1952- The Four ACCORDS: A Practical Guide to Persona] Freedom/Miguel Ruiz. s. cm. (A Toltec Book of Wisdom) ISBN I-878424-31-9 (Alk. Paper) I.

Lifestyle. 2. Toltec Various Philosophy. I. Title. SERIES: Ruiz, Miguel, 1952- Toltec Book of Wisdom. BJI58I. 2. R85 1997 97-18256 299.792 dc2I CIP ISBN I-878424-31-9 Printed in Canada on acid-free paper distributed by publishers Group West to the Circle of Fire; Those who have left before, those who are present, and those who have yet to come. 34 33 32 31 31 30 29 27 26 25 24 24 23 22 21 Content Introduction 1 Domestication and the Dream of the Planet 1 2 First Agreement Be impeccable with your word 25 3 The second agreement Don`t take anything personally 47 4 The third agreement Don`t Make t AssumpmpTions 63 5 The Fourth agreement Always Do Your Best 75 6 The Toltec Path to Freedom Breaking Old AGREEMENTS 93 7 The New Dream Heaven on Earth 123 Prayers 131 Acknowleagments I would LIKE TO HUMBLY ACKNOWLEDGED MY mother Sarita, who taught me unconditional unconditional love; my father, Jose Luis, who taught me discipline; my grandfather Leonardo Macias, who gave me the key to decipher the mysteries of Toltec; and my sons Miguel, Jose Luis and Leonard. 9 This knowledge changed his life.

When he knew what he really was, he looked around himself and the rest of nature, and he was amazed at what he saw. He saw himself in everything in every man, in every animal, in every tree, in the water, in the rain, in the clouds, in the earth. And he saw that life mixed tonal and groaning in different ways to create billions of manifestations of life. In a few moments, he understood everything. He was very excited, and his heart was filled with peace. He couldn`t wait to tell his people what he had discovered. But there were no words to explain it. He tried to tell the others, but they couldn`t understand. You could see that he had changed, that something beautiful was shining from his eyes and his voice.

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