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Online Exhibition

What does an online exhibition look like?

The 2021 eResearch Australasia Conference will use a platform called OnAIR by EventsAIR.

Using OnAIR, attendees can view live streamed and on demand content, posters, network and visit the online exhibition lounge to engage with exhibitors.

All attendees will have access to the OnAIR portal from 2 weeks prior to the conference, throughout the conference and for 3 months after the conference.

In the online exhibition lounge, attendees can view exhibitor information, download brochures, and when the exhibition is open, engage in instant meetings with exhibitors.

OnAIR is a fully integrated and secure platform optimised for online and hybrid events.

Click on the image on the right, for more information.

OnAir Exhibition Opening Times

The online exhibition area will be open throughout each day of the conference.

Dedicated breaks will be programmed throughout the conference providing the opportunity for online delegates to engage with exhibitors. During these times you are strongly encouraged to be online and ‘at your stand’ to be available for meetings with delegates.

  • 10:30 – 17:00 (AEDT) | MONDAY 11 OCTOBER
  • 10:30 – 16:30 (AEDT) | TUESDAY 12 OCTOBER
  • 10:30 – 16:30 (AEDT) | WEDNESDAY 13 OCTOBER
  • 10:30 – 16:30 (AEDT) | THURSDAY 14 OCTOBER
  • 10:30 – 16:30 (AEDT) | FRIDAY 15 OCTOBER

The above timings may be subject to change.

For scheduled breaks, please refer to the online conference program: https://conference.eresearch.edu.au/2021-program/

Outside of conference hours, delegates are still able to visit your stand to view your brochures and videos and can connect with your representatives via the Meeting Hub.

Online Exhibitor Listings

Sponsors and exhibitors will be listed in the OnAIR portal in order of sponsorship level followed by alphabetical order.

On-stand Competitions

If you are conducting an on-stand prize draw please contact mail@conferencedesign.com.au before the conference. We will notify the plenary session chairs so they can inform delegates. Notifications will also be posted in the online conference portal.

Sponsors and exhibitors are responsible for managing all aspects of their on-stand prize draws including shipping (if applicable) and obtaining relevant contact details from entrants.

Terms and Conditions

By submitting a sponsorship and/or exhibition booking you are accepting the terms and conditions listed on the below page.


Conference Design

Please contact organisers at Conference Design if you have any queries.

Andrew Watts, Conference Manager
Email: andrew@conferencedesign.com.au

Chelsea Burdon, Conference Coordinator
Email: chelsea@conferencedesign.com.au

Ph: (61 3) 6231 2999

OnAIR Access

Accessing the OnAIR Portal

Login details will be emailed directly to registered representative/s. The email will include auto-login details so representatives can easily log into the OnAIR portal directly. Once in the portal, representatives can access your exhibitor dashboard by clicking on your stand.

Representatives not registered will not be able to access the OnAIR portal. 

When your representatives ‘enter’ the stand during conference hours, they will see a meeting queue list of those waiting, a list of who is already in meetings, and  any meeting requests from delegates which they can respond to.

Leading up to and throughout the conference, your company representatives can text chat with each other and view your pre-loaded company brochures for reference.

What you need to participate

In order to participate as an online exhibitor at the event and make the most of the exhibition opportunities available, each of your exhibiting staff members will need access to a device (laptop or desktop computer are recommended), internet, a webcam and a microphone.

For the best user experience, we recommend using Google Chrome 2010+.

Online Registration


Representatives must be registered to access the OnAIR conference portal.

Online sponsor and exhibitor registrations also allow staff to view live streamed and on demand conference content, posters, and network with delegates.

To register staff, log into the exhibitor portal: https://cdesign.eventsair.com/2021-eresearch/exhibition

Additional Registrations

Additional exhibitor registrations can be purchased via the online registration portal:

  • Full exhibitor registration: $300 per person


  • Access to all online conference sessions
  • Access to online networking sessions
  • Access to the online meeting hub to send messages and take video calls with other attendees
  • Access to an online exhibition hall
  • Access to an online poster gallery
  • Access to recorded sessions post event
  • A ticket to one in-person conference event at your nearest Hub/Node location

Online Lead Management and Gamification

Lead Management

The OnAIR conference portal features a Lead Management function where you can create questions for your team to ask delegates when they visit the online exhibition booth.

How it works

When a delegate commences a meeting with your representative they can collect the delegate’s details and information based on, or guided by, your pre-loaded questions. The delegate’s responses can then be sent back to a staff member in your office or saved for follow-up after the conference.

Representatives must obtain delegate consent before collecting details, so we recommend including a question such as: “Do you consent to receive follow-up communication from our company”.

Your automated message

An automatic email can be created prior to the conference and sent to all delegates whose information has been captured. You can attached a pdf brochure, or the email might just be a simple ‘Thank you for visiting’.

Lead Management Set Up & Accessing Leads

To set up your lead questions, automated email, and lead alert email, please log into the Exhibition Portal. Only the main contact (the person managing your booking) will be able to set up the lead questions and emails and access the leads.  Note the questions you set up will be available for use by both onsite and online representatives.

To access your leads, follow the steps below:

  • Click on Lead Management
  • Current Leads
  • Click Export at the bottom of the page – this will provide you with an Excel Spreadsheet

Information can be exported and collated at any time during or after the event. Please contact Conference Design (mail@conferencedesign.com.au) if you have any questions regarding the set-up of lead management.


An online game will be conducted where points can be accrued by delegates as reward for visiting exhibitor stands, meeting with representatives and participating in sponsor lead management. The Online Game is open to all registrants with details about points, goals, and badges available at the top of the portal screen during the conference. Prizes will be awarded to the top point scorers.

If you are interested in donating a prize, please contact andrew@conferencedesign.com.au. As a guide prizes should be valued as follows:

  • One First Prize – $500
  • Multiple Runner up Prizes – $200

Hub & Node Social Events

Event Details

Hub and node social events will take place in major cities around Australia the week of the conference (with the exception of states/cities under COVID restrictions).

We expect details around events to be released prior to the close of early bird registration on 24 September.

In the circumstance a hub or node event is not able to proceed during the week of the conference due to COVID restrictions, the event will be postponed until it is safe and practical for people to come together. We are allowing for events to take place until the end of November.


All sponsor and exhibitor registrations include a ticket to a hub/node social event. When registering online you are able to nominate your preferred event location.

Deliveries (Brochures/Flyers/Banners)

Platinum & Gold sponsors are entitled to have up to 2 brochures/flyers available for pick up at all hub and node events.

In-person Social Event Sponsors are entitled to have up to 2 brochures/flyers available at their nominated event.

Platinum, Gold & Silver sponsors are entitled to display a pull up banner at all hub and node events.

In-person Social Event Sponsors are entitled to have a pull up banner displayed at their nominated event.

Sponsors are responsible for the supply, delivery and return of their materials.

If you are planning to have materials couriered to an event location, please contact andrew@conferencedesign.com.au.

Advertising Formats and Specifications

Please send all advertising materials to Conference Design (mail@conferencedesign.com.au) before the due date listed below.

If you have any questions regarding your package or inclusions please do not hesitate to contact Conference Design.

Please check the inclusions of your sponsorship package to confirm which advertising formats you need to supply: https://conference.eresearch.edu.au/2021-sponsor-exhibitor-prospectus/

In line with your sponsor/exhibitor entitlements, logos will be used on the website, on the conference platform, and on sponsors’ slides. Where included in your package, it will also be used on marketing materials promoting the event to the conference mailing lists.

Your logo should be:

Print: EPS version

Web and App: a high-resolution PNG, JPG or TIFF image, no less than 250 KB in size.

A high resolution and large size logo should be supplied to Conference Design for use on the website, marketing material (if applicable), the online conference portal and attendee app. Logos will be resized to the required specifications for each platform. Logos will be displayed in the online meeting portal and attendee app in a square or horizontal format. Stacked logos are not recommended to ensure optimal fit on all display platforms.

Optimal logo sizes for the online meeting platform are 1000px X 500px

Upload via the the exhibitior booking portal or email to Conference Design. The earlier we receive your logo the longer exposure your organisation will receive.

  • Platinum Sponsor – 750 words
  • Gold Sponsor- 500 words
  • Silver Sponsor – 300 words
  • Bronze Sponsor – 250 words
  • Online Exhibitor (Commercial/eResearch) – 200 words
  • In-person Social Event Sponsor – 100 words

Include contact details, website link and any social media handles you wish to promote so delegates can connect with your organisation. In line with your sponsor/exhibitor entitlements,  profiles will be displayed in the online conference portal, delegate app and on the website.

Upload via the Exhibitor booking portal, or email to Conference Design. The earlier the longer exposure your organisation will receive.

The website hyperlink supplied will be linked to your logo on the event website and displayed on your exhibition listing in the online meeting portal.

The hyperlink supplied is up to you. It can be a link to your companies website, to a specific product page, to a marketing campaign, a video, it is entirely up to you!

PDF’s and videos will be accessible through your OnAIR exhibition listing and the OnAIR exhibitor resource gallery.

Materials may be a simple flyer or brochure for delegates to download or it may be a link to an online advertisement, a complimentary or discounted registration to an online webinar or workshop, a voucher to an online shop, a job opening, the list goes on.

We encourage you to be unique and creative with your content!

Material guidelines


  • Colour PDF
  • Maximum size of 150kb per file
  • No bleed and no crop marks
  • PDFs will be uploaded as ‘as received’


Promotional videos will be linked to your exhibition listing, we recommend uploading a Youtube and/or Vimeo link to the exhibitor booking portal, or, an MP4 file maximum size 20MB .

DUE: 1 October 2021

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