About the conference – eResearch 2019 Sponsors & Exhibitors

About the Conference

The eResearch Australasia Conference attracts delegates from diverse disciplines of information and communication technologies, including Australasia’s leading researchers, practitioners, and educators working predominantly in private, government & education sectors.

The main conference program runs for 3 days, and attracts approximately 450 attendees each year. The conference provides sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to:

  • Meet face-to-face with leading researcher service providers and opinion leaders in the eResearch field.
  • Demonstrate new services and research programs.
  • Maintain a high profile with your target markets.
  • Network with industry delegates and evaluate market trends to generate new business opportunities and identify emerging technologies.
  • Network with eResearch service providers likely to be valuable to your team.
  • Demonstrate your involvement, commitment and support of the eResearch community.
  • Launch new products and services in front of an audience empowered with decision-making authority.

Who attends

The eResearch Australasia Conference attracts delegates from a variety of settings and professions:

Top sectors represented at the conference
Universities 48%
Publicly Funded Research Agencies 15%
NCRIS Network Capabilities 12%
Research Centres 11%
Not for Profit and Industry Groups 8%
Commercial Enterprise 5%
Top job categories of delegates
Managers (Team Leaders, Engagement and Outreach, Program and Proejct Managers) 28%
Executive Management 22%
Consultant/Specialist/Advisor/Policy 11%
Librarian/Library Services 10%
IT Manager/Support 8%
Researcher/Scientist 6%
Software Programmer/Developer/Architect/Engineer 6%
Locations represented at the conference
VIC 40%
QLD 13%
WA/SA 9%
New Zealand 4%
Other International 8%

Based on the 2016 – 2019 eResearch Australasia Conferences.

Engagement opportunities at the conference

Social Functions

Tickets to all social functions are included with all full sponsor and exhibitor registrations. Social functions are designed to allow sponsors and exhibitors the opportunity to network and mix with delegates in an informal setting.

  • Welcome Reception:
    Hosted in the exhibition area the Welcome Reception is a popular function with conference delegates. Food and beverage will be served throughout the exhibition area encouraging delegates to move and mingle throughout the entire area.
  • Cocktail Reception:
    This event is the premiere social event of eResearch 2019. The cocktail function will be held at a venue nearby the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre providing delegates an excellent environment in which to network and relax with colleagues.
  • Poster Reception:
    Hosted in the Poster Display area, the Poster Reception provides all attendees the opportunity to talk with presenters and view posters detailing the very latest break-throughs and innovations in eResearch and related fields. This is an excellent opportunity for sponsors and exhibitors to mingle with delegates whilst brushing up on industry and scientific knowledge.  

Hosting delegates and private events

The conference committee is happy for sponsors and exhibitors to host educational or social events during the time of the conference.

These may be a breakfast or dinner event, however must not be run or coincide with event scheduled as per the eResearch Conference Scientific program.

Sponsors and exhibitors are responsible for all organisation and costs associated with hosted events including marketing, attendee bookings, venue bookings, catering etc.

An opt-in delegate list including attendee name, organisation, state and email address will be provided to eligible sponsors and exhibitors approximately 2 weeks prior to the conference which may be used for the circulation of invitations.

App Game

All sponsors and exhibitors will be issued QR codes as part of the 2019 App Game designed to encourage delegate flow and interaction.

Exhibitors can choose to clearly display the QR code on or within your booth to avoid unnecessary interruptions or you can ‘hide’ the code to ensure interaction with your representatives.

Each QR code will reveal the exhibitors’ company name.

To enter the draw, participants will need to have collected all sponsor and exhibitor names.

Key sponsors will also be given the first opportunity to provide prizes.


All arrival tea and coffee, morning teas, lunches and afternoon teas will be served in the exhibition area.

Catering stations, seating and cocktail tables will be situated throughout the exhibition area to help facilitate the even spread of delegates during catered breaks.