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The Challenge: From Nature to Network to Neurons!

ANDS, NeCTAR and RDSI in collaboration with the conference committee are pleased to announce three new additions to the eResearch Australasia conference 2012.  The new additions include a developers/designers challenge, Hardware Hack event and a developers lounge.  These additions have been created to encourage developers, designers and their managers to actively participate in the eResearch conference as well as providing them with the opportunity to hear about other projects, network and share ideas.


The Challenge

Can you help us imagine the future in eResearch?  There’s no doubt that many of the ideas at the eResearch conference are award winning, and indeed the main focus of the conference will always be the excellent ideas presented throughout the week.  However, we’d like to encourage the developer community to build on these ideas.  The challenge was created because we believe developers have the ability to turn brilliant ideas into new apps, widgets, APIs and other tools.  Likewise, we think designers should be able to turn ideas into new and interesting visualisations, infographics, multimedia explanations and games.

You can begin to prepare your ideas for each of the challenges in the time leading up to the conference.  Challenges will be announced in the coming months, so stay tuned.  To enter you must have registered for the eResearch Conference and check into the ‘developers lounge’ on Monday 29 Oct.  On arrival you will find competition details.  To win, you will need to present your idea on Wednesday morning to a panel of judges within a strictly timed, three minute time slot.

Some great prizes are up for grabs and will be awarded at the closing address on Wednesday 31 October.

Click below for challenges:

For queries or information regarding the competition, please feel free to post comments here 


The Developers Lounge

This year we have a dedicated ‘developers lounge’ at the eResearch conference.  The lounge will provide developers the opportunity to meet mentors, talk with fellow developers and/or create teams for the competition challenges.  The lounge will also provide a place to rest between conference presentations and can be used for informal training / sharing sessions.  This space will be open during regular conference hours Monday & Tuesday.  The lounge will then be used to judge challenge contestants on the Wednesday.


The Hardware Hack event

Internet of Instruments Hack-fest: Sunday 28th October

To help get the challenges and developers lounge kick-started we’ll be having a special ‘hack-fest’ prior to the eResearch conference.  As we believe researches have much to gain from internet tools, the Hack-fest theme is ‘Internet of Instruments’.  This free event will feature the latest research gadgets and instruments, and will include things like:

  • 3D printers (Makerbot, RepRap)
  • Micro-controllers and sensors (Arduino, RasberryPi, Xmoss)
  • Digital medical equipment (4D ultrasound, EKG, heart rate monitoring, etc.)

The eResearch conference is offering early bird rate for Developers participating in the Developers Event. Register here and select Developer.


Schedule of Developers/Designer activities
August & September: Challenges will be announced periodically on the conference website.
Sun 28 Oct: Morning/Early Afternoon: ‘Internet of Instruments’ Hardware Hack-fest

Afternoon:  conference welcome reception drinks (after 6pm).

Mon 29 Oct: Sign-up for Challengers in the ‘Developers Lounge’ at the eResearch conference.
Tues 30 Oct: Developers lounge available for developers to finish their competition entries.
Wed 31 Oct: Morning:  Developers Lounge closed for judging. Each competition team will have three minutes to present the thing they have created to meet the challenge.

Afternoon:  Winners to be announced at the eResearch closing address. Medals & Trophies to be presented.



For detailed information about this event please refer to [add web online forum].

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