Visualisation Challenge

“I always tell developers to work on stuff that matters. It’s time to stretch beyond the consumer internet and what better place to focus than on furthering the cutting edges of science?” – Tim O’Reilly, Founder O’Reilly Media

The Problem

As the web exponentially increases with information, researchers need to have a better understanding of what information ‘looks like’ if they are going to explore new frontiers. Visualisations and infographics give us this potential.

The Challenge

Show us how scholarly information (bibliography, citation, publications, datasets, etc) can be visually represented so they reveal a better understanding of the datasets in our domain.

Historically, libraries have been the browsable ‘visualisation’ of scholarly information. As no library in the world is large enough to represent the tsunami of scholarly knowledge, we must think of new ways to provide this information. Being primarily visual, humans respond well to high level visual overviews that explain domains of information.
The winner of this challenge can take any approach they think that will better explain what information looks like.

Some examples of the kinds of visualisations:

Some datasets that might be used for this challenge:

We look forward to seeing your eloquent solutions at the eResearch conference.

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