Posters 2012

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eResearch 2012 Posters



Collaborative and Automated Tools for Analysis of Marine Imagery and Video (CATAMI) Luke Edwards, Jenni Harrison and Mat Wyatt
SMART Infrastructure Dashboard: An Integrated Solution for Local Governance of Infrastructure Services Pascal Perez, Rohan Wickramasuriya Denagamage, Jun Ma, Matthew Berryman, Despina Clancy and Tim Davies
Application of open-source software and high- resolution geophysical images to explore the plate tectonic evolution of Australia Simon Williams, Robert Musgrave and R. Dietmar Müller
A forward geodynamic modelling approach to understand the history of subduction along the east Asian margin Maria Seton, Nicolas Flament, Jo Whittaker, Dietmar Muller, Dan Bower and Michael Gurnis
Evolution of Earth’s topography from models of global mantle flow and lithospheric deformation Nicolas Flament, Michael Gurnis, Simon Williams, Maria Seton and Dietmar Müller
Productionising and Productifying Steve Bennett, Joanna Huang, Ian Thomas and Steve Androulakis
Automatic reconstruction of 3D geometry from photographs Paul Bourke
The ÆKOS experience in building partnerships with government for sharing rich ecological data Anita K. Smyth, Craig Walker and David Turner
Intelligent Web Exploration Pavel Kalinov
Time is of the Essence: ExSite9 Ingrid Mason and Mairead Stephens
Global Geoscience Data Transfer Standards – GeoSciML and EarthResourceML Ollie Raymond, Jouni Vuollo, Steve Richard and Cgi Interoperability Working Group
Clinical Trial Randomisation Service Nicolas Rossow and Jo Morris
Quadrant – Project Management Software for Researchers Hamish Holewa
1000 Voices- A Consumer Stories Platform Nicholas Rossow, Heidi Perrett, Sam Wolski and Amanda Miotto
Unlocking the Landsat Archive – Enabling the Future of Earth Observation Science Matthew Purss, Adam Lewis, Glenn Frankish, T. O. Chan, Ben Evans and Lachlan Hurst
A Case Study for User-Friendly Non-Traditional High Performance Computing Peter Brady, Matthew Gaston and Patrick Barnes
Managing Research Data: a Collaborative Approach Julia Gross, Darren Gibson and Mathew Wyatt
Building blocks for data management in Geoscience Australia: towards a managed environment Irina Bastrakova and Sue Fyfe
Galaxy as a platform for Proteomics Ira Cooke and Andrew Brock
The MOM Model Development Lab Tim Leslie and Stephen Griffies
The All-Sky Virtual Observatory Yeshe Fenner, Darren Croton, Jon Smillie, Rod Harris, Jarrod Hurley, Amr Hassan, Luke Hodkinson, Max Bernyk, Alistair Grant, Cameron Maxwell and Ryan Braganza
Climate Model Downscaling Data for Impacts Research: An ANDS Initiative Ian Macadam, David Fuchs, Adam Hotz and Andy Pitman
RESEARCH DATA CAPTURE and UPLOAD SERVICE at UWA Toby Burrows, Eric Grossman and Glen Stewart
CoastalCOMS Core Platform – Cloud Video Analytics Practice and Experience Nigel Sim and Christopher Lane
Semaphore: a tool for the (Semi-) automatic analysis of Australian ecosystem dynamics. Siobhann Mccafferty and Vaughan Hobbs
Climate Smart Seaports: Online Decision Support Toolkit for Australian Seaports Venki Balasubramanian
The Galaxy service pilot in CSIRO – a collaboration between science and IT Steve McMahon
TheSkyNet Initiative Pete Wheeler, Kevin Vinsen, Andreas Wicenec and Vyacheslav Kitaeff
Data Intensive Research for the Square Kilometer Array and Australian Pathfinder Radio Telescopes Andreas Wicenec, Vyacheslav Kitaeff, Kevin Vinsen, Chen Wu, Alessio Checcucci and Dave Pallot
AAF Strategic Initiatives Dean Nottingham, Heath Marks
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