REDCap Administration Basics

Mr Aidan Wilson1, Christopher McAvaney2

1Intersect Australia
2Deakin University

REDCap is a very widely used tool for collecting and managing subject and record level data. It provides users with the tools to quickly build databases to suit their bespoke needs and enable data entry via study personnel or via surveys.

The nature of REDCap as a free, consortium-supported platform means that new administrators can be thrown in the deep end, and may not be armed with all the information they need to effectively control the use of REDCap. Unlike other applications, REDCap is designed for storing sensitive information, and so administrators bear more responsibility.

This workshop will introduce attendees to the Administration side of REDCap; the options for configuring the system in a wider institutional context, the varying levels of administrator intervention in user functions, and the breadth of tools available to administrators to help them effectively and safely run the application for their institute.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Discussion of maintaining a REDCap instance: level of IT involvement, ownership, interaction with Ethics/eResearch
  • Authentication methods and user administration, including external/collaborator accounts
  • Project creation/publishing/modification processes and their business rules
  • Monitoring user activity, Reporting
  • Customisation, localisation and Extension: Language files, External Modules, Plugins, Integrations
  • Admin support: Participation in the REDCap Consortium and other fora, accessing administrator training resources

This session will not cover deployment or systems administration of the server, such as installation of REDCap, mailserver configuration or database server configuration. Attendees will be allocated their own virtual machine running a pre-configured REDCap instance for use in the workshop.

This workshop is strictly limited to 20 participants

Who should attend: New or inexperienced REDCap Administrators who need to develop a foundation understanding of REDCap from an administrator perspective. REDCap support staff who are looking to take on more administrative/technical responsibilities.

Skills or knowledge attendees should have: Due to licensing constraints, attendees must be staff members of a REDCap Partner Organisation, and should currently be administrators of a REDCap instance. Attendees should have a fairly good understanding of basic REDCap user features; project design, longitudinal project design, reporting, user rights, etc., Some knowledge of the basic syntax of SQL queries will be helpful but not essential. This workshop will touch on various technologies used in REDCap, including HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript, but knowledge of these tools isn’t required.

Do attendees need to install any special software to participate in the workshop: A virtual machine will be configured for each workshop participant with REDCap already installed. These will only be accessible during the workshop. All workshop activity will take place in a web browser, and possibly a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.

Pre workshop preparation:  Attendees should familiarise themselves with the website and REDCap Admin Community (if available).


Oct 20 2021


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 19 - 20 2021
  • Time: 9:00 pm - 1:00 am