November 2013

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  • eResearch Australasia 2013
  • Seeking eResearch 2014 Programme Committee members
  • RDSI at eResearch Australasia 2013
  • Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation update
  • RDSI’s New Website
  • International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS)
  • CAUDIT & RDSI – New VePa Videos
  • Education and Training BoF @ eResearch Australasia
  • About this newsletter


eResearch Australasia 2013

The 7th annual eResearch Australasia conference in Brisbane concluded Friday 25th October with over 450 delegates, 12% from overseas, near 150 different organisations represented, 32 sponsors and exhibitors and a great atmosphere to network with peers.  This year featured a number of high calibre speakers that were able to educate and engage delegates on a series of diverse topics. New conference attractions including the solutions showcase and The lounge were highly successful and well attended.  Hot topics for 2013 included discussions on:

  • the impact of government funds on research support and the future of research
  • international coordination initiatives and collaboration
  • universities evolution and how ICT strategy needs to change to better assist research
  • the use of institutional, national and international e-research infrastructure to support molecular bioscience and other disciplines
  • how enhanced auditory data design can provide a medium for aural intuition
  • the impact of climate change on changes to species distributions
  • significant use cases demonstrating the use of currently funded projects
  • high performance computing
  • data management
  • big data
  • metadata, and much more…

Presentations will be available in the coming weeks from:

Delegate feedback to date has been exceptionally positive. For delegates who attended, Don’t forget to fill out the evaluation survey for your chance to win a free registration for eResearch Australasia 2014.

To participate in the survey, please visit:

Come join us in Melbourne for eResearch Australasia 2014!  Details will be available soon from:


Seeking eResearch 2014 Programme Committee Members

Calling out to those interested in shaping the eResearch 2014 programme!

To volunteer, please email advice of your area of expertise with subject ‘programme committee’ to:

If you would like to suggest featured speakers please email subject ‘featured speakers’ to:

The eResearch Australasia 2014 will be in Melbourne. Stay tuned for venue details.


RDSI at eResearch Australasia 2013

RDSI had a good presence at this year’s conference providing delegates with the opportunity to discuss exciting project developments as well as providing an RDSI sponsored workshop.  The workshop attracted the largest numbers and gave delegates and project stakeholders the opportunity to present and have questions answered by the RDSI team.  The workshop slides are available from:

The RDSI 8GB, 3.0 USB flashdrives proved to be a great hit once word got out around the conference.  For those delegates lucky enough to secure a flashdrive, please click here for information on ‘how to unlock my RDSI flashdrive’

The RDSI team also presented a network demonstration that proved you could transfer a 5GB file using the RDSI nominated network between Brisbane and Melbourne up to 5 times faster than the same transfer between your CPU to a flashdrive using a 3.0 USB connection.

For more information on RDSI project, please visit:


Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation update

QCIF will upgrade its cloud capability to over 4000 cores, as part of the National NeCTAR compute cloud, by January 2014. This upgrade is funded by the Super Science initiative, financed by the Education Investment Fund, the Queensland Government Co-Investment Fund and QCIF partners. As a result of this, Queensland and national researchers will be able to access specialised node types:

  • Large memory nodes (1 Terabyte of memory)
  • GPGPU nodes (general-purpose computing on graphics processing units in the cloud)
  • HighIO nodes (very high throughput nodes).

This significant computation capability complements existing university and Government investments in High Performance Computing.

The physical infrastructure represents almost 9 Terahertz of computation, 19 Terabytes of ram, 400 Terabytes of disk space and more than 150 10 Gigabit ports deployed. It will provide users with high speed networking with 10 Gigabit through to 40 Gigabit networking deployed to the cloud.

For more information about QCIF’s services, please visit


RDSI’s New Website

RDSI has created a new look website which seeks to inform stakeholders and the wider community of RDSI activities and progress.  Node information will be available in the near future and more information will continue to be added as the project evolves.

RDSI has published a series of stories that highlight how researchers around Australia are benefiting from the new RDSI Node infrastructure.  New stories are released regularly and can be seen at:

Please visit our new website:


International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS)

10-12 June 2014 – Cairns, Australia

“Big Data meets Computational Science”

The International Conference on Computational Science is an annual conference that brings together researchers from various application areas who are pioneering computational methods in sciences such as physics, chemistry, life sciences, and engineering, as well as in arts and humanitarian fields, along with researchers and scientists from mathematics and computer science as basic computing disciplines. This mixture of computational researchers are able to discuss problems and solutions in their areas, identify new issues, and to shape future directions for research.

We are now accepting papers for the main track and conference workshops. The main track deadline is 15th December, while workshop deadlines vary.

Please take the opportunity to experience this international conference as it visits Australia in 2014.

For more information see:


CAUDIT & RDSI – New VePa Videos

Do you have procurement requirements, but don’t know where to start?  Come visit the CAUDIT and RDSI Vendor Panel channel on YouTube.  This channel aims to highlight how vendor offerings can provide solutions for different customer environments.  Potential clients can watch vendor videos, learn about vendor projects, and acquire a better understanding of vendor solutions.

Vendor videos may cover topics such as Storage, Networking, Compute, Security, Physical infrastructure, Middleware, Applications, On Premise/Cloud, Security, and Identity and Access Management.

This channel will grow and evolve as vendors continue to submit content, so stay tuned.

To view the VePa channel, please visit:

A vendor contact list is available from:


Education and Training BoF @ eResearch Australasia

This Birds of a Feather session included a special treat for all who attended… Dr Bob Panoff, founder of the Shodor Education Foundation (, shared his experience of 20 years of education programs in computational science. Bob’s work includes national and international collaborations. Shodor has a wealth of teaching resources that use modelling and simulation to provide visual, interactive tools for communicating theory through exploration. An inspiring presentation!

Other speakers at the BoF were Dr Leo Konstantelos – Data Curator at the University of Melbourne, and Dr Valerie Maxville, Education Program Leader at iVEC. Leo gave an overview of the innovative “Immersive Informatics” training program for building Research Data Management skills. To find out more see:

For more information on this and previous Education and Training BoFs, or for links to related resources and mailing lists, go to


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