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For more than 28 years, Dell has empowered countries,communities, customers and people everywhere to use technology to realize their dreams. Customers trust us to deliver technology solutions that help them do and achieve more, whether they’re at home, work, school or anywhere in their world. Learn more about our story, purpose and people behind our customer- centric approach
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Australia’ s Academic and Research Network (AARNet) is the not-for-profit company that operates Australia’s National Research and Education Network (NREN). Our shareholders are 38 Australian universities and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

We provide high-capacity, leading-edge Internet and other advanced communications services to the nation’s universities, health and other research organisations, as well as schools, vocational training providers and cultural institutions. AARNet serves over one million end users who access the network and services through shareholder and other customer institutions.

The role of AARNet’s eResearch program is to assist researchers to realise the full potential of the Network.

Name: Guido Aben, Director, eResearch
Email:   eresearch@aarnet.edu.au
Web:     http://www.aarnet.edu.au


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AeRO’s (the Australian eResearch Organisation) objectives are to:

  • Operate a national association of eResearch providers
  • Accelerate the development and adoption of eResearch practices,
  • capabilities and standards in Australia
  • Stimulate and enhance collaboration
  • between and amongst researchers, research institutions and eResearch service providers nationally and internationally
  • Develop strategies for and coordinate and facilitate improved delivery and support of eResearch services and platforms
  • Advocate the advancement and adoption of eResearch to researchers, research institutions, government and other organisations.

AeRO has held a series of National eResearch Forums promoting initiatives in a wide range of activities important for eResearch to flourish, and developing actions through a series of Working Groups.

The work of the Working Groups commissioned to develop joined-up user support for research applications, tools and services, and to promote education and skills development to take advantage of eResearch are highlighted in this conference.

The organisations participating in AeRO comprise eResearchSA, QCIF, Intersect, CSIRO, CAUDIT, V3 Alliance, TPAC, iVEC, the AAF, AARNET and RDSI. The group invites participation from other organisations providing eResearch services to researchers.
Email:   enquiries@aero.edu.au
Web:     www.aero.edu.au

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Hitachi Data Systems helps organisations transform raw data into valuable information by making it more accessible and simpler to manage. Our vision is that IT must be virtualised, automated, cloud- ready and sustainable. Hitachi Data Systems provides best-in-class information technologies, services and solutions that deliver compelling customer ROI, unmatched return on assets (ROA) and demonstrable business impact. As the leader in storage virtualisation, only Hitachi Data Systems offers a common, virtualised platform for all data and information.

The challenge for global businesses is to make information both available and secure. Our solutions manage data growth while they collect and connect data to create valuable information. They cut costs, reduce operational complexity and improve IT agility. They let people access, share and secure information. They help organisations innovate, collaborate and grow.

We combine our systems, software and expertise to meet the needs and budgets of the most demanding companies. Our applications include end-to-end virtualisation, massive consolidation, data replication, archival solutions and the ability to scale up and scale out as business objectives require. Our solutions enable broad heterogeneous storage management, business continuity, backup and recovery, performance enhancement, data migration and data lifecycle management.

With more than 4,100 employees worldwide, Hitachi Data Systems does business in more than 100 countries and regions. Hitachi Data Systems is trusted by the world’s leading enterprises, including more than 80 percent of the Fortune Global 100. Hitachi Data Systems believes that data drives our world – and we must innovate with information. To learn more, visit www.hds. com

Name: John Rumery, State Sales Manager – QLD & NT
Phone: +61 7 3017 6853
Mobile: +61 402 892 468
Email: john.rumery@hds.co
Web:   www.hds.com


RDSI Logo 2.0


Accessible research data made simple
The Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) Project, an initiative of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy, is funded from the Education Investment Fund under the Super Science (Future Industries) initiative. RDSI is a $50m federally funded project, for which The University of Queensland (UQ) is the lead agent.

The project will enable researchers to access significant collections of data that were previously unavailable or difficult to access.

This will be achieved through investment in a small number of highly scalable data centres connected together via a high speed network and the development of a collaborative technical architecture.

Objectives and Scope of the Project are defined by four key programme areas:

  • Node Development (NoDe)
  • Research Data Services (ReDS)
  • Data Sharing Services (DaSh)
  • Vendor Panel (VePa)

Email:     office@rdsi.uq.edu.au
Twitter: @RDSIProject
Web:      www.rdsi.uq.edu.au
Phone:  +61 7 3365 2030


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Lam_logo_lge_v3_130830_white below
Laminar is a Queensland Information Technology and Communications (IT&C) engineering company. We specialize in Wi-Fi and especially solutions for high density connectivity.

In the education sector, Laminar partners with Xirrus to focus on helping their clients enjoy high speed, reliable, network coverage. These networks are designed to cater for the growing number of mobile devices and laptop’s in use in schools and similar high traffic environments.

Laminar follows an RF systems engineering process that is traditionally employed by mobile phone companies and other radio operators. That is, they bring certainty to the result and provide a guarantee for all work!

Xirrus technology leverages the cellular industry’s best practice of deploying multiple radios and high gain directional antennas in every cell tower. Xirrus is able to deliver more WLAN coverage, bandwidth, and capacity than any other Wi-Fi networking device in the industry.

With lower upfront costs, greater scalability, and faster deployment, it’s no wonder educators from private schools, to public school districts, to large universities of all sizes rely on Xirrus for high-performance wireless networking.

Name: Alan Kepper
Phone: 07 3177 0899
Email:    akepper@laminar.co
Web:      www.laminar.co


04 Bron microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq“MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Microsoft is dedicated to conducting basic and applied research in computer science and software engineering. Researchers collaborate with leading academic, government and industry researchers to advance the state of the art. Microsoft Research has expanded over the years to thirteen labs worldwide with a number of collaborative projects that bring together the best minds in computer science to advance a research agenda based on their unique talents and interests. Leveraging Microsoft’s Big Data solution, research bodies and organizations are able to unlock insights from structured, unstructured and streaming data, with the simplicity and manageability of Windows. Analyze this data with familiar tools such as Excel and SharePoint, access a wide variety of curated data through Windows Azure Marketplace, and cleanse the data with SQL Server Integration Services.






04 Bron DDN Logo

(DDN) is the world’s largest, privately-held, data storage infrastructure provider.
With a unique focus on the requirements of today’s massive unstructured data generators, DDN has an innovative and comprehensive product portfolio for Big Data applications which is optimized for the world’s most data-intensive environments including: High Performance Computing, Life Science Research, Web & Cloud Content, Professional Media, Security, Intelligence and more.

In addition to powering over 2/3 of the world’s Top100 fastest supercomputers, DDN Technology is also selected time and again to power Australia’s Super Science Initiative across many of the country’s largest HPC facilities.

Name: Justin Glen, Country Manager
Australia & New Zealand
Phone: +61 7 3121 3097
Mobile: +61 408 758 508
Email:   jglen@ddn.com
Web:     www.ddn.com









The Secret to Success

Tell us about your Compute and Storage plans.
Come and chat to SGI and Arcitecta on our stand!
We will listen, maybe we can help! We have BIG ideas that help solve BIG Compute and BIG Data problems!

  • SGI LiveArc (aka MediaFlux) – Structured and unstructured data management, search, version control, collaboration and rights management
  • SGI UV– Large scale-up in-memory, data intensive computing
  • Lustre/SGI DMF – Fast Parallel Shared file systems with integrated HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management)
  • SGI MineSet – Advanced data mining, machine learning and data visualisation suite

Find out why we are “The Trusted Leader in High Performance Computing and Data Management

Web: www.sgi.com


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Research Exhibitors


05 Ex AAF Logo

The AAF is a not-for-profit organisation initiated by CAUDIT in 2008 to provide an access Federation for organisations and institutions which undertake or support education, research or research and development in Australia. The AAF is now a significant and sustainable part of the Australian eResearch infrastructure landscape.

As a shared service it minimises the cost and effort for each individual subscriber of managing federated identity by enabling users to use their home institution login. It simplifies access to online resources and allows researchers to access services they need with confidence.

For further information about the AAF as well as a demonstration on accessing our services, visit us at our booth.

Name: Heath Marks, AAF General Manager
Phone: +61 7 3138 1231
Email:   enquiries@aaf.edu.au
Web:     www.aaf.edu.au


05 Ex ands-logo-hi-res

ANDS is partnering with research institutions to bring about four transformations to data to make them more valuable: unmanaged to managed, disconnected to connected, invisible to findable, and single-use to reusable. This will enable Australia’s researchers to easily publish, discover, access and reuse research data through the Australian Research Data Commons. This is to ensure Australia’s research data becomes a national strategic resource that supports better, more efficient and defensible research, and improves policy input.

To this end, ANDS is helping create the Australian Research Data Commons, which makes better use of Australia’s research outputs. Research Data Australia, ANDS’ flagship service, is a comprehensive Internet portal promoting the visibility of research data collections. It is a comprehensive window into the ARDC and provides rich connections between data collections, associated researchers, research institutions, projects and services.

Name: Dr Ross Wilkinson
Post:     ANDS Office, Monash University,
PO Box 197, Caulfield East, VIC, 3145
Phone: +61 3 9905 6274
Email:   contact@ands.org.au
Web:     ands.org.au