January 2013

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  • · eResearch Australasia 2013
  • · New Zealand and Australian Conference on Open Research
  • · RDSI/CAUDIT Vendor Panel (VePa) RFP open for Proposals
  • · AARNet CloudStor
  • · About this newsletter

eResearch Australasia 2013

Sunday 20 October to Friday 25 October 2013

eResearch Australasia is coming to the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2013. The conference, now in its seventh year, continues to create opportunities for delegates to engage, connect, and share their ideas with the wider eResearch community.

Practitioners, researchers, and educators from diverse disciplines are invited to participate by submitting an abstract for a presentation, point/counterpoint debate, birds of a feather session (BoF), poster, or workshop. A call for participation will be announced on the website soon:


We look forward to your submissions.

For further information, email: conference@eresearch.edu.au

New Zealand and Australian Conference on Open Research

6 – 7 February 2013 at the University of Auckland

We are delighted to welcome Creative Commons Aotearoa-New Zealand as a supporter of the New Zealand and Australian Conference on Open Research. Creative Commons is a cornerstone of the open access ecosystem online, and CC licenses are being used by researchers to open up their research for wider dissemination and re-use.

A growing community of researchers worldwide are exploring new, open commercial and academic models to enhance the reach and impact of their research. Open research practices are increasingly being driven by international funding agencies that require grant holders to publish their results under Open Access and to share their data as widely as possible. Doing research in the open is akin to worldwide changes happening in government and business, where open innovation has enabled people to achieve more together than they ever could alone.

The purpose of the Open Research Conference is to explore new, open models of research that speed up the effective transfer of research outputs and improve economic, environmental and social impacts in the New Zealand and Australian contexts.

Registration for the conference will open soon – More information can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/nzauopenresearch/

RDSI/CAUDIT Vendor Panel (VePa) RFP open for Proposals

RDSI is accepting Vendor Panel proposals. The RDSI/CAUDIT Vendor panel has been set up to support the procurement of data storage infrastructure by the higher-education and research sector in Australasia. Due to the success of the previous Vendor Panel, RDSI has released a second round of RFP.

Vendor panel applicants can apply from 18th December 2012 to the 31st March 2013 at 2pm EST.

Note: Current Vendor Panel members do not need to respond.

Further Information and forms are available from:


Enquiries: vepa@rdsi.uq.edu.au

AARNET CloudStor

CloudStor unlimited file size now also with IE10 preview for Win7 and Safari 6.0.1 on Mountain Lion

The CloudStor project made a decision some years ago to use HTML5 FileAPI functionality to support file uploads of any size. Although the FileAPI was only supported by FireFox at that time we were confident that the rest of the browser vendors would catch up and Google’s Chrome did so pretty fast.

Internet Explorer and Safari users unfortunately had to wait and could either switch browser when using CloudStor, or accept grudgingly that their uploads were limited in size to 2 Gigabytes. But now the wait appears to be over. We have just confirmed to our satisfaction that Safari 6.0.1 on Mountain Lion supports HTML5 uploads, and so far testing of the Internet Explorer 10 preview on Windows7 looks very positive as well.

If you use either of these browsers, let us know your mileage – give it a test at: https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/

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