December 2013

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  • eResearch Australasia 2014
  • RDSI Story – Collecting and visualising stem cell data: Stemformatics
  • eResearch Australasia (eRSA) – What is open data?
  • International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS)
  • CAUDIT & RDSI – New VePa Videos
  • About this newsletter

eResearch Australasia 2014

Seeking eResearch 2014 Programme Committee Members

Calling out to those interested in shaping the eResearch 2014 programme!  To volunteer, please email advice of your area of expertise with subject ‘programme committee’ to:

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Win a free registration for 2014

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RDSI Story – Collecting and visualising stem cell data: Stemformatics

The Stemformatics team is using QCloud, the RDSI node operated by QCIF, to make available a growing collection of high quality gene expression datasets for stem cell research, and to allow researchers to quickly and easily visualise genes that interest them in these datasets.

Stem cell research

Professor Martin Pera from The University of Melbourne is Program Leader of Stem Cells Australia, one of the partners in Stemformatics. He says that stem cell research “is ultimately aimed at the development of therapies for a range of conditions which are currently intractable—conditions characterised by irreparable cell loss or damage and ranging from diseases like Parkinson’s Disease, to myocardial infarction or heart attack, to diabetes, and many, many other serious and debilitating illnesses.”1

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eResearch South Australia (eRSA) – What is open data?

You may have heard the term ‘open data,’ but do you know what it means and why you should care about it?

We’re taking a two-part look at open data and why a culture of openness is important for the future of Australian research. This month we’ll explore exactly what ‘open’ means.

The open data movement champions the idea that, for example, publicly funded researchers and organisations should make their data publicly available for access and reuse, without restriction.

This movement has grown significantly over recent years and is closely related to other ‘open’ movements such as open access, which advocates unrestricted access to peer-reviewed research publications.

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International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS)

10-12 June 2014 – Cairns, Australia

“Big Data meets Computational Science”

The International Conference on Computational Science is an annual conference that brings together researchers from various application areas who are pioneering computational methods in sciences such as physics, chemistry, life sciences, and engineering, as well as in arts and humanitarian fields, along with researchers and scientists from mathematics and computer science as basic computing disciplines. This mixture of computational researchers are able to discuss problems and solutions in their areas, identify new issues, and to shape future directions for research.

We are now accepting papers for the main track and conference workshops. The main track deadline is 15th December, while workshop deadlines vary.

Please take the opportunity to experience this international conference as it visits Australia in 2014.

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CAUDIT & RDSI – New VePa Videos

Do you have procurement requirements, but don’t know where to start?  Come visit the CAUDIT and RDSI Vendor Panel channel on YouTube.  This channel aims to highlight how vendor offerings can provide solutions for different customer environments.  Potential clients can watch vendor videos, learn about vendor projects, and acquire a better understanding of vendor solutions.

Vendor videos may cover topics such as Storage, Networking, Compute, Security, Physical infrastructure, Middleware, Applications, On Premise/Cloud, Security, and Identity and Access Management.

This channel will grow and evolve as vendors continue to submit content, so stay tuned.

To view the VePa channel, please visit:

A vendor contact list is available from:

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