EcoCommons – the platform of choice for ecological and environmental modelling

Dr Elisa Bayraktarov1

1Griffith University, Nathan, Australia

EcoCommons’ vision is to empower Australian researchers, practitioners, students and educators  to use trusted, world-leading ecological and environmental modelling tools to protect and restore the planet. EcoCommons will transform ecological and environmental research by creating a trusted platform for many digital modelling and analysis needs. Our aim is to significantly reduce the time and wrangling needed to get from data to high-impact results and inform decisions which can enable solutions for our environment and its future. EcoCommons builds upon the work of well-regarded and established platforms like the Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory (BCCVL), ecocloud, and the training initiative ecoEd, as well as the Collaborative Species Distribution Modelling (CSDM) portal, which together support more than 7000 users based at over 400 different organisations in more than 35 countries worldwide. Enabled by the NCRIS-funded Australian Research Data Commons, EcoCommons aims to facilitate best practice for modelling across many science domains. The presentation will touch on our publicly available eResearch services, BCCVL and ecocloud, and talk about the future of EcoCommons. EcoCommons aims to be widely applicable in solving many analytical questions and provide users with access to trusted models, many datasets, scientific workflows and functionalities via easy to use point-and-click virtual laboratories. Here, we illustrate the EcoCommons concept, celebrate our collaborations and demo the pre-release version of the platform which is now available for testing by registered users. We will invite delegates to follow our journey and register to become EcoCommons Pioneers to test our platform.


Elisa is an ecologist working with a team of software developers, scientists and communicators to build EcoCommons’ Virtual Laboratories. They provide analytics to researchers, students and decision-makers. In the past, Elisa’s team developed the Threatened Species Index tool.


Oct 13 2021


12:20 pm - 12:40 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 12 2021
  • Time: 9:20 pm - 9:40 pm