Monash SeRP: The secure e-research platform

Mr Mat Ishac1, Mr Jerico Revote1, Ms Karin Quadros1, Ms Jo Dalvean1, Ms Anitha Kannan1

1Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

In 2018, Monash University established a research collaboration with Swansea University in the UK to adapt and deploy an instance of SeRP on the ARDC’s Nectar Research Cloud.

Monash SeRP is a high powered, and secure e-research platform that allows data owners and researchers to store, access, share, link and analyse data at scale, in a fully governed highly secure environment, whilst maintaining full control of the data at all times.

With Monash SeRP, a “data custodian” retains complete ownership and is in full control of their data with the ability to define roles and set access controls and permissions. This ensures that data sets are accessed only by approved individuals. This ensures data remains private and protected, and significantly reduces reputational risk in an increasingly transparent environment.

Approved users can access data from any desktop from anywhere in the world at any time. This highly secure yet agile approach means that not only can collaborative teams constantly capitalise on new opportunities with ease, but equally importantly, sensitive data is shared in a safe way, offering organisations protection from the associated risks of inappropriate sharing of data.

The platform provides access to high capacity computing for complex analytics by multiple analysts in Australia and internationally, working collaboratively, with exceptional security and data custodian control.

Monash SeRP has also undergone a certification process for managing and storing sensitive data. This process involved an evaluation of both technical and process/governance features of a secure collaborative environment for sensitive data.


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Oct 12 2021


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