The UQ Image Processing Portal (IPP): A Web-based graphical interface for microscopy image analysis on a GPU cluster

Dr Hoang Nguyen1, Dr Nicholas Condon2, Dr James Springfield2, Professor David Abramson1

1Research Computing Center, The University Of Queensland, Australia
2IMB Microscopy, The University of Queensland, Australia

Microscopic image analysis is often a complex process, involving the coordination of multiple resources, such as instruments, data stores and computers, spanning multiple logical and physical domains. The whole process is rather complicated for average scientists. The Image Processing Portal (IPP), together with the University of Queensland (UQ) Metropolitan Data Caching Infrastructure (MeDICI), streamlines this process so that scientist without expert IT knowledge can perform microscopy image analysis at scale.

IPP is a job submission portal that allows users to perform large- scale, batch processing of microscopy images on a GPU cluster. This portal provides user-friendly Web pages to perform file management and to create batch jobs for image conversion, preprocessing and deconvolution. These complex jobs are laid out in a wizard-like setup with icons that change colour as configuration steps are completed. The end users can choose their files, set the parameters and the portal will submit the image processing jobs to a specified GPU cluster.

Currently, the portal relies on the Microvolution package for image processing. We are evaluating open-source options such as cudaDecon. We are also expanding the portal to support electron microscopy image analysis pipelines.

IPP is a joint project between the Research Computing Center and the IMB Microscopy facility at UQ.


Hoang Nguyen is a computer scientist with background in high-throughput and high-performance computing. He works at the Research Computing Centre, the University of Queensland. His work interests revolve around scientific workflows and different ways for users to interact with these workflows.


Oct 14 2021


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