Thematic Research Data Commons – national-scale data assets, digital tools and platforms within key thematic areas, addressing Australia’s pressing science and research priorities.

Anitha Kannan1

1ARDC, Melbourne, Australia

The ARDC is expanding on its experience creating digital research infrastructure over the past decade, along with its hub of expertise and established relationships with research institutions, to create a suite of Thematic Research Data Commons for Australia – bringing together “data with cloud computing infrastructure and commonly used software services, tools and applications for managing, analysing and sharing data to create an interoperable resource for a research community” (Grossman, 2018).

The Thematic Research Data Commons will develop national-scale data assets, digital tools and platforms within thematic area to address Australia’s science and research priorities. They will be supported by existing ARDC  infrastructure: cloud compute, data retention, our hub of expertise, and training and outreach activities.

Strategically selecting thematic areas in which to build larger, coordinated and optimised initiatives will enable the ARDC to meet the needs of the greatest number of researchers and ensure Australian researchers are best positioned to collaborate both domestically and internationally.

The Thematic RDC model enhances interoperability within and across domains, as well as enabling better collaboration with international partners, such as the European Open Science Cloud.

While the resources in a Thematic RDC will evolve to meet the changing needs of researchers, the ongoing commitment to sustainability obtained by embedding the RDC in a national research infrastructure capability will prevent the loss of valuable resources and enables a rapid response to crises such as floods, bushfires and pandemics as well as providing a meaningful commitment to data retention.


Rosie is the CEO of the ARDC and has expertise and extensive knowledge of the Australian research infrastructure sector, and leadership experience as the former CEO of the Australian National Fabrication Facility (ANFF). Her career, spanning Japan, UK and Australia, includes every aspect of scientific instrumentation from product development and technical marketing to the management of multi-user facilities working in environments that cross academic and industry domains.

Rosie holds a Masters in Business and Technology from the UNSW, Sydney and a Bachelor of Science (Hons) from Oxford Brookes University.


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