Conference Contributor Policy

This conference recognises the positive impact that presenting and participating has on an individual’s track record and visibility.

We also recognise that some sections of the research community are often under-represented in conference programs, and that this can affect diversity in the long-term.

This conference is committed to equity in regard to representation of Gender, socio-economic status, Indigenous Australians, Cultural Diversity, Sexual Orientation and Disability.

Our policies were developed to ensure equality and diversity in conference participants while maintaining a high standard of quality in conference content.

Contributor Invitation Policy

The role of the program committee is to ensure the highest quality program, with contributions from participants that represent the broad diversity of our community without bias with regard to gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, race, religion, geography, disabilities, or national origin.

This will include invitations to contribute via a) Conference Presentations including Keynotes, Sessions, Workshops and Panels (b) Award ceremonies (c) Session chairs  (d) Committee membership and leadership

The conference is committed to achieving gender balance in conference presentations by 2020.

Improving Diversity

Given our commitment to diversity the program committee will:

  1. Collect and report on demographic data for contributors;
  2. Publish and Review the contributor policy based on feedback;
  3. Establish a balanced and Informed Program Committee;
  4. Build and Use Databases to improve diversity in contributions
  5. Support Women at Meetings and provide a Family-Friendly and Accessible venue

Reporting Policy

We will report statistics on the conference website on the geographic and gender balance of invited speakers, selected speakers, session chairs, and attendees.


We welcome feedback on this policy and how it might be improved for future conferences. We strongly encourage all members of our community to participate in the conference and to contribute to discussions.


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