Realising the Full Potential of Scientific Data in the 21st Century Robert Atkinson & Simon Cox, CSIRO, Bryan Lawrence, STFC, David Lemon & Lesley Wyborn, Geoscience Australia
Compute meets Data – ARCS’ integration of compute and data services Florian Goessman,James McGovern & Nick Tate, ARCS & Kai Lu, The University of Queensland
Data Sustainability: applying archival practice to research data Margaret Henty & Stuart Hungerford, ANDS, Gavan McCarthy, University of Melbourne & Andrew Wilson, Queensland State Archives
A Comparison of Clusters with Intel “Nehalem” and “Harpertown” Processors Using an FEM Benchmark Lin Gao, David Green & Lutz Gross, The University Of Queensland
Building an Australian User Community for Vivo: Profiling Research Data for the Australian National Data Service Simon Porter, University of Melbourne
ARCS Mobile Applications:“ Keeping Research on the move” Andrew Alexander & Florian Goessmann, ARCS
Enabling Petascale Computational Users Chris Hines
Bringing Together Researchers, Collaborators, Organisations and Data Resources: a University Model for Seeding the Data Commons Robyn Rebollo, Griffith University
Video Collaboration:- “ An overview of video collaboration services supplied FREE to the Research Sector” Andrew Alexander, ARCS & Jason Bordujenko, AARNet
Scaling performance of low and high computational load cardiac models on the IBM Blue Gene supercomputer Matthias Reumann, IBM
Metadata Aggregation – A Critical Component of Research Infrastructure for the Future Malcolm Wolski, Griffith University
Sakai; Experience of use in Support of Research Collaboration and Future Directions Nick Jones, University of Auckland
The ARCS Compute Cloud: User-friendly access to High Performance Computing Markus Binsteiner & James McGovern, ARCS
Using Trust Metrics to Enhance the Quality and Reliability of Citizen Science Data Jane Hunter, The University of Queensland
Lessons Learned in Development and Support of e-Health Platforms in the UK Richard Sinnott
The AuScope geothermal demonstrators – NCRIS outcomes delivered through interactive 3D-PDFs Steve Quenette, Monash e-Research Centre
Growing pains with a Petascale Storage System Robert Mollard, CSIRO/iVEC
Implementing Scalability and Sustainability RUTE – The Brazilian Telemedicine University Network Luiz Ary Messina
LIGO-Virgo: detecting ripples in space-time is currently a data analysis problem Ra Inta, Australian National University
BOF – Supporting trans Tasman eResearch communities, since 2006 Nick Jones, University of Auckland & Julie Watson, Ministry of Research, Science and Technology
BOF – ANDS Projects David Groenewegen, Australian National Data Service (ANDS)
BOF – What data views are required for the Biosciences? Jeremy Barker & Dominique Gorse, QFAB, Gavin Graham, David Green & Gerald Hartig, The University Of Queensland & Mark Ragan, Institute For Molecular Bioscience
BOF – eResearch Education and Training Gabrielle Bright & Lyle Winton, VeRSI, Markus Buchhorn, Intersect, Valerie Maxville, iVEC
BOF – I don’t know you, so why should I trust you with my data? Gavin Kennedy, The University of Queensland
Visualisation of novel high resolution digital photography Paul Bourke, iVEC
PODD – An Ontology-centric Data Management System for Scientific Research Gavin Kennedy, The University of Queensland
Data Processing for ASKAP Maxim Voronkov, CSIRO
Architecture and Implementation of Cloud Computing solutions: experiences for eResearch Ricardo Lamas, IBM
Visualising Australian Literary Networks Anna Gerber & Roger Osborne, The University of Queensland
From Mice to Medicine: Enhancing Capacities For Data Sharing In Mouse Phenomics Gavan McCarthy & Ailie Smith, University of Melbourne
Remote research environment Chris Myers, VeRSI
Aus-e-Stage Mapping Events Jonathan Bollen, Flinders University
Genomic Data Management Joe Thurbon, Intersect
A Study of Triple Store Performance for E-research Data Services David Ratcliffe, CSIRO
Designing a Data-Intensive Petascale Superscience Engine Guy Robinson, iVEC
Experimental Data Management Using The Federated TARDIS Framework: A Community Perspective Peter Wolynec, University of Melbourne
Growing virtual research environments in the fine arts: tricks and traps Andrew Wells, University of New South Wales
BioPatML.NET – A bioinformatic pattern search engine James Hogan, Queensland University of Technology
MyTARDIS and TARDIS: Managing the Lifecycle of Data from Generation to Publication Steve Androulakis, Monash e-Research Centre
How should virtual knowledge communities govern themselves? Mark Gahegan, University of Auckland
Automating eResearch workflows originating with high volume instruments David Honey, SGI
Software Development: to Petascale and Beyond Valerie Maxville, iVEC
Finding the Right Rabbit to Pull Out of the Hat: Data Management in CSIRO Patricia Kelly, CSIRO
Data management outreach and professional development at Monash University: lessons learned and future directions Samantha Searle, Monash University Library
BOF – User-facing Data Services and Capability Building – Institutional Development Teula Morgan, Swinburne University of Technology & Lyle Winton, VeRSI
BOF – Petascale Infrastructures for Science Engines Guy Robinson, iVEC
BOF – Technology Roundtable. A look at the role Mobile Devices might play in the changing research environment Andrew Alexander, ARCS
BOF – Beyond data: making sense of data in the arts and humanities Craig Bellamy, VeRSI, Markus Buchhorn & Leonie Hellmers, Intersect & Christina Parolin, Australian National University
Building the Polar Information Commons Cloud (on a Shoestring) Pauline Mak, Australian Ocean Data Network
GeoServer Application Schema Support: Complex Web Feature Service for Geoscience Interoperability Ben Caradoc-Davies, CSIRO Earth Science & Resource Engineering
A model for enabling research in a corporate ICT environment Peter Hicks, Curtin University
Delivering the Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN) Wiebke Ebeling, Australian Ocean Data Network & Luke Edwards, IMOS / iVEC / WAMSI / Curtin University
Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) Vocabulary Service – A Tool For Managing Earth & Environmental Sciences Controlled Vocabularies Jacqui Githaiga, CSIRO
Bringing Users into BeSTGRID – From Technology to People Stuart Charters, Lincoln University
The Australian Integrated Marine Observing System: marine data for researchers Roger Proctor, IMOS
Application schema modeling for interoperable geospatial information using the ISO 19100 series of standards Pavel Golodoniuc, CSIRO
e-Research Practices, Barriers and Needs for Support: An Accounting and Finance Perspective Rasika Amarasiri, Monash University
Smart migration of file formats: the MIXED framework René Van Horik, DANS
Linked Data and Spatial Data Infrastructures Simon Cox, CSIRO
Balancing business imperatives and leveraging capability: a model for research data management Peter Sefton, University of Southern Queensland
Archiving Humanities Data for E-Research: Conceptual and Technical Issues Toby Burrows, University of Western Australia
Knowledge discovery via a virtual geological observatory Thomas Landgrebe, University of Sydney
VIVO | Enabling National Networking of Scientists Valrie Davis, University of Florida
Performing data: the Circus Oz Living Archive David Carlin, RMIT University
Improving Access to netCDF as a Vehicle for Better Data Management Edward King, CSIRO
Beyond Annotea Stephen Crawley, The University of Queensland
Where Agile meets eResearch Georgina Edwards & Rodney Harrison, Intersect
Compute meets Data – ARCS’ integration of compute and data services (Same as Workshop on Monday) Florian Goessman,James McGovern & Nick Tate, ARCS, Kai Lu, The University of Queensland

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