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  • eResearch Australasia 2015
    • Call for participation
    • Come join us in Brisbane for eResearch Australasia 2015!
  • DaShNet deploys network performance monitoring
  • New AeRO CEO Announced
  • ANDS Investigates
  • Introducing AARNet’s new and improved CloudStor
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eResearch Australasia 2015

Call for participation

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the eResearch Australasia conference and take advantage of the multiple formats available including: Presentations, BoFs, Point/counterpoints, Panels, Workshops, Showcases, Enlightening Talks and Posters.

This year’s theme is Fuelling the knowledge economy

Join the International Workshop on Science Gateways series at eResearch 2015. It focuses on research contributions for science gateways and tools in different science fields. It brings together scientists from many fields and disciplines, providing an international platform to exchange experience, formulate ideas, and share technological advances in the context of science gateways. This workshop builds on the successful Science Gateways series of workshops conducted for the last eight years in USA and six years in Europe.

The participation guidelines will be available shortly from the conference website. Visit http://conference.eresearch.edu.au/eres2015/participate/

Come join us in Brisbane for eResearch Australasia 2015!

This year it will be hosted at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre 19-23 October. Workshops will run on Monday and Friday.

Details will be available soon from: http://conference.eresearch.edu.au/


DaShNet deploys network performance monitoring

DaShNet has accomplished yet another milestone, with the complete deployment of its test and measurement infrastructure, using the perfSONAR toolkit.  This software is used across the globe on high-speed networks, and is designed to monitor networks for performance discrepancies, on an end-to-end basis, ensuring friction-free use for scientific applications.  DaShNet uses the software to monitor performance from dedicated probe servers at each Node, testing both the dedicated VPN between Nodes and the access for all users across the AARNet network.

The benefits of using a tool such as perfSONAR is that Nodes can quantify and identify shortcomings within their networks, when they occurred, and when they’ve been resolved, ultimately providing researchers with a more stable, user friendly experience.

Network performance metrics will be available later this month on the RDSI website.

Read more on DaShNet here

Read more on perfSONAR here

New AeRO CEO Announced

The Chair of AeRO, Rob Cook, has announced that Dr Markus Buchhorn has been appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of AeRO. The appointment follows an international recruitment process that attracted a very strong field of candidates.

AeRO – Australasian eResearch Organisations – is a group that cooperates to deliver national services to eResearchers. The AeRO membership is looking forward to working with Markus in furthering the objectives of AeRO in this era of change.

Markus comes to AeRO with a stellar background in the eResearch and university IT services arena. He has a PhD in astrophysics, is a former university IT director and has worked on the development of Australia’s national e-Research infrastructure for over twenty years. He is also a Board Member of the Open Knowledge Foundation Australia.

For over fifteen years Markus has worked with the Asia-Pacific research and education community through APAN (Asia Pacific Advanced Network). During 2007-2010 he was involved in the establishment of Intersect, the regional eResearch service provider in NSW and an AeRO member.

Markus has an impressive record of delivering the services that give researchers the power to compete with the best in the world in their fields. Markus is looking forward to driving AeRO to become an even more significant and effective organisation.

Markus will be attending a number of eResearch events throughout 2015, so please take the opportunity to introduce yourself and welcome Markus to AeRO.

To learn more about AeRO, please visit our website at www.aero.edu.au or contact enquiries@aero.edu.au.

ANDS Investigates

ANDS is investigating the use of research data as a tool for undergraduate (and masters-by-coursework) teaching. As part of this study we are trying to identify university teachers who are using research data as part of their teaching and have located several examples but are hoping to find more. Those we have found cover fields as diverse as journalism, particle physics and earth sciences. We are not just talking about data which might be registered with Research Data Australia but data which might come from any source.

Are you aware of any examples which we might follow up?

One aspect of our study concerns ways in which research data might be made more readily usable for teaching purposes. You might have thoughts on that yourself which we would be pleased to hear about.

Please send any responses to this to Margaret Henty (margaret.henty.ands@gmail.com).

Introducing AARNet’s new and improved CloudStor

Collaborating and sharing files and folders just got so much easier. We’ve merged CloudStor (file sender) and CloudStor+ (cloud storage) into one easy-to-use application.

What’s new?

  • CloudStor file sender and cloud storage in one application, accessible via https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au
  • Ability to access CloudStor file storage, CloudStor file sender and the AARNet Mirror from new and improved CloudStor web interface
  • Backend updated to OwnCloud7
  • AARNet can set up groups with group storage quotas for research collaborations.

More info:



Please send feedback, additional feature requests, and group quota enquiries to cloudstor@aarnet.edu.au

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