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    • Call for participation
    • Seeking eResearch 2015 Programme Committee Members
    • Come join us in Brisbane for eResearch Australasia 2015!
  • Seeking your Virtual Laboratory Provenance Requirements
  • AeRO National Forum Postponed
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eResearch Australasia 2015

Call for participation

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the eResearch Australasia conference and take advantage of the multiple formats available including: Presentations, BoFs, Point/counterpoints, Panels, Workshops, Showcases, Enlightening Talks and Posters.

Join the International Workshop on Science Gateways series at eResearch 2015. It focuses on research contributions for science gateways and tools in different science fields. It brings together scientists from many fields and disciplines, providing an international platform to exchange experience, formulate ideas, and share technological advances in the context of science gateways. This workshop builds on the successful Science Gateways series of workshops conducted for the last eight years in USA and six years in Europe.

The participation guidelines will be available shortly from the conference website.  Visit

Seeking eResearch 2015 Programme Committee Members

Calling out to those interested in shaping the eResearch 2015 programme!  To volunteer, please email advice of your area of expertise with subject ‘programme committee’ to:

If you would like to suggest featured speakers please email subject ‘featured speakers’ to:

Come join us in Brisbane for eResearch Australasia 2015!

This year it will be hosted at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre 19-23 October.   Workshops will run on Monday and Friday.

Details will be available soon from:

Seeking your Virtual Laboratory Provenance Requirements

The CSIRO, through funding from NeCTAR, is developing and deploying a Provenance Service, based on the W3C PROV-O standard, to support the requirements of workflow tools and virtual laboratories. A provenance service enhances the transparency and accountability by providing the capability to track both input and output artefacts generated from computational simulations and modelling.

If you have a need to manage, track or maintain provenance within a virtual lab and are keen to utilise a service that uses open standards to this, the CSIRO team would be very interested in hearing from you to about your requirements with the intention to include as many as possible within the service. The team is also keen to assist you in adopting the service.

For more information please contact either Ryan Fraser ( or Lesley Wyborn (

AeRO National Forum Postponed

The 6th National AeRO Forum to discuss “Coordination and Sustainability in National eResearch” has been postponed and will be re-scheduled to later in the year.

Initially planned for the 24th February in Canberra, the Forum was designed to provide an opportunity for eResearch leaders to provide input regarding the key issues of coordination and sustainability within the sector.

The decision to postpone the Forum was made after the Department of Education advised that publication of two key planning elements was delayed to an unspecified time. These include the publication of the Report on the Status of the NCRIS eResearch programme (developed by Tom Cochrane) and the development of the eResearch Strategic Framework to be conducted through the eResearch Coordination Project.

AeRO plans to re-schedule the Forum later in the year and looks forward to recalling the gathering as soon as practical. For more information or to receive future Forum communications, please contact Loretta Davis – AeRO Executive Officer (

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