February 2013

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  • eResearch Australasia 2013
  • New HPC Cluster at VPAC
  • THETA 2013 Early Bird Registration Closes 28 February
  • RDSI/CAUDIT Vendor Panel (VePa) RFP open for Proposals
  • AARNet’s CloudStorPlus in Trials
  • RDSI data sharing feasibility study (SHARE.EDU)
  • ANDS – Upcoming Events 2013
  • eResearch 2012 Winner!
  • About this newsletter

eResearch Australasia 2013:  Workshop Submissions

Call for Workshop papers coming soon!

Practitioners, researchers, and educators from diverse disciplines are invited to participate in eResearch Australasia 2013 by submitting an abstract for a workshop.  Workshops can be either a half or full day and enables participants explore research related topics in greater detail.

Details on how to respond to the CFP will be available by 15 February, please visit: http://conference.eresearch.edu.au/eres2013/participate-2013

NOTE:  Abstract submissions for presentations, point/counterpoint debates, birds of a feather sessions (BoF), panels and posters will be accepted at a later date.

For further information, email: conference@eresearch.edu.au

New HPC Cluster at VPAC

Trifid, a collaboration between VPAC, La Trobe University and RMIT University, is a new state-of-the art high performance computer (HPC) that was opened for use at VPAC on 22 January 2013.

Trifid underscores the commitment of both La Trobe and RMIT to provide their researchers with the high-end computational resources needed to maintain leadership positions in research outcomes, and is a substantial upgrade to the advanced computing resources available for the entire Victorian research community.  VPAC, established in 2000 by a consortium of Victorian universities, is a premier provider of advanced and high performance computing for academia, government, and industry.

Trifid is a single computer capable of 45.9 trillion calculations per second and accelerates data access through a lustre parallel file system on a 165TB DDN storage array.

If you would like to learn more about Trifid please visit www.vpac.org or contact help@vpac.org.

THETA 2013 Early Bird Registration Closes 28 February

Register now for THETA 2013: The Edge of the World and save $110 off the full price of registration.  THETA 2013 will be held in Hobart, 7-10 April.

THETA is The Higher Education Technology Agenda, formerly known as EDUCAUSE Australasia.  Organised by CAUDIT, CAUL and ACODE, the conference covers all aspects of IT in higher education, whether related to research, learning and teaching, or the business of running the university.

See http://theta.edu.au for more information.

RDSI/CAUDIT Vendor Panel (VePa) RFP open for Proposals

RDSI is accepting Vendor Panel proposals.  The RDSI/CAUDIT Vendor panel has been set up to support the procurement of data storage infrastructure by the higher-education and research sector in Australasia.  Due to the success of the previous Vendor Panel, RDSI has released a second round of RFP.

Vendor panel applicants can apply up to31st March 2013 at 2pm EST.

Note:  Current Vendor Panel members do not need to respond.

Further Information and forms are available from:


Enquiries: vepa@rdsi.uq.edu.au

AARNet’s CloudStorPlus in Trials

CloudStorPlus, the personal cloud storage service being developed by AARNet (rather like Dropbox, or the Data Fabric), has now reached the stage where it is undergoing trials with a small group of users.

It is expected that it will be made available for a wider group of testers by mid-March, with general release expected by late April.

It is AAF-compliant (though there are some restrictions in the current beta release), and is served by nodes in BNE, PER and MEL connected directly to the AARNet backbone, providing 3-way replication. Up to 100GB is available free of charge to each and every researcher.

Contact eresearch@aarnet.edu.au if you would like to be included in the cohort of early testers.

See http://www.aarnet.edu.au/communities/research/eresearch-overview/cloudstorplus-information

RDSI data sharing feasibility study (SHARE.EDU)

RDSI is evaluating a secure ‘Dropbox’ like system on its Australian network.  The trial involves the installation and demonstration of a DDN Web Object Store (WOS) Cloud located in Perth and Brisbane.

Users who participate will each be allocated 100Gb of free storage for the duration of the trial.  Users and their collaborators can access files via the web, their desktop or their mobile devices.

The trial will conclude on March 30, 2013.

To participate, register your interest by supplying your email address and that of at least one other of your collaborators who will help test the system at:


RDSI will respond by emailing out your free SHARE.EDU account details with a guide of how you can provide feedback.

ANDS – Upcoming Events 2013

The ANDS 2013 event calendar is rapidly taking shape:


You can already register for a number of events including ANDS/Intersect NSW Metadata Stores Roundtable #6, and two webinar series on Data Citation and Licensing.

It is worthwhile bookmarking the ANDS Events page and watching for email notices sent through the ANDS Partners and ANDS General email lists as many more events will be added.

Don’t miss out! Several ANDS events have been booked out, such as the Linked Open Data Melbourne: DEV8D Down Under on Monday, 4 Feb which was fully subscribed very quickly.

To subscribe to the ANDS Partners and ANDS General email lists, simply email contact@ands.org.au

eResearch 2012 Winner!

Co-Chairs Nick Tate and Viviani Paz would like to Congratulate Beth Crawter from University of the Sunshine Coast for completing the 2012 evaluation survey and winning a free registration to eResearch Australasia 2013.

“eResearch was one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended” Beth said.

Beth will now enjoy all the benefits of a full registration including the highly enjoyable social events.

If you would like to join Beth at eResearch Australasia 2013, registrations will be opening soon and can be completed by visiting:


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