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  • eResearch Australasia 2014 – Still time to register!
  • RDSI Story: Contributing insect genomic data for global research
  • RDSI @ eResearch Australasia 2014
  • ANDS at eResearch Australasia 2014
  • RDSI Vendor Panel – Ongoing RFP
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eResearch Australasia 2014 – Still time to register!

There is still time to register for the workshops and core days of the conference.  Choose from 10 outstanding workshops on the Monday/Friday and/or attend core conference boasting over 75 presentations including BoFs, panels and point counterpoint sessions.

To view the program, click here. 

To register, please visit here.

The Call for Participation for Posters and Enlightening Talks is open until 10th October. Don’t miss your chance to engage with the research community, visit the participation page for further details.

Featured Speakers

We are delighted to present ten outstanding Featured Speakers for the 2014 conference:

  • Gerrit Bahlman – Director of Information Technology at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) in Hong Kong
  • Mike Briers – Acting Director of Sense-T and SIRCA CEO
  • Jane Burry – Director of the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL)
  • Tom Caradoc-Davies – Principal Scientist – Macromolecular Crystallography at the Australian Synchrotron
  • Elizabeth Coulter – Director of IT Services at the University of Auckland
  • Helen Glaves – Senior Data Manager, Nottingham, United Kingdom andOcean Data Interoperability Platform (ODIP) Project coordinator
  • David Karoly – Professor of Atmospheric Science in the School of Earth Sciences and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science at the University of Melbourne
  • Ros Harvey– founding Director of Sense-T. Previous to taking up this role she was Deputy Secretary of the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts in Tasmania.
  • Heather Piwowar – cofounder of Impactstory and a leading researcher in the area of research data availability and data reuse
  • Paul Sherlock– Chief Information Officer of Information Strategy and Technology Services at the University of South Australia
  • Larry Smarr – Founding Director of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), UCSD
  • Melissa Terras – Reader in Electronic Communication in the Department of Information Studies, University College London, and the Co-Director of the new UCL Centre for Digital Humanities

For more information, please visit the Featured Speakers page.

Become a sponsor

The conference provides an excellent opportunity for your Organisation to:

  • Meet face-to-face with leading researchers and opinion leaders in the eResearch field
  • Demonstrate new services and research programs
  • Maintain a high profile with your target markets
  • Network with industry delegates and evaluate market trends to generate new business opportunities and identify emerging technologies
  • Network with eResearchers likely to be valuable to your team
  • Demonstrate your involvement, commitment and support of the eResearch community
  • Launch new products and services in front of an audience empowered with decision-making authority.

For further details visit the Sponsors page.


RDSI Story:  Contributing insect genomic data for global research

RDSI and VicNode are helping the Hoffmann lab at The University of Melbourne to provide insect genomes and population genomic data to the global research community. The fruit fly and mosquito genomes will contribute to understanding how species adapt to climate change and to stopping the spread of Dengue Fever.

Genomic Basis to Climate Change Adaptation project
The Hoffman lab, led by evolutionary geneticist Professor Ary Hoffmann, in collaboration with researchers at CSIRO and Monash University, is having the genomes of 23 species of Drosophila flies sequenced for the first time, and making the data publicly available.

Read More


RDSI @ eResearch Australasia 2014


RDSI will be presenting a workshop titled ‘RDSI project enabling unified research’ at the eResearch Australasia 2014 conference, Monday 27 October.   The workshop will feature a series of researchers who will share their projects and experience.  This workshop is sponsored by RDSI and there will be no cost to the delegate.

Exciting guest speakers include:

  • Brad Evans: TERN e-MAST Senior Research Fellow, TERN
  • Matt Field: Senior Bioinformatics Manager, ANU
  • Associate Professor Martin Sevior: ARC Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics at the Terascale (CoEPP)
  • Professor David Karoly: Climate Change
  • Dr Tom Caradoc-Davies: Principal Scientist – Macromolecular Crystallography at the Australian Synchrotron.

For more details, see the RDSI workshop abstract.


Don’t miss the RDSI presentation titled ‘Accessible research storage: RDSI project transitioning and lessons learned along the way’.  This presentation aims to update delegates on the project progress, its programmes, and the strategies to be used to transition the RDSI funded infrastructure into the sector. Lessons learned during the project implementation and delivery will be shared.

For more details, see the RDSI presentation abstract.


ANDS at eResearch Australasia 2014

ANDS is hosting two workshops, one Birds of a Feather session and giving three presentations at this year’s eResearch Australasia conference.

In terms of workshops, Karen Visser (ANDS) will join Heather Piwowar (ImpactStory) to discuss Creating your research impact story (Monday, 27 October, 9am–12:30pm). Meanwhile, Ingrid Mason will take a full-day session on Humanities data (Friday, 31 October, 9am–5pm).

The ANDS-hosted Birds of a Feather session (Tuesday, 28 October, 2pm–3pm) will focus on the Research Data Alliance, and will involve Stefanie Kethers, Andrew Treloar and Amir Aryani of ANDS, alongside Mark Parsons (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY) and Simon Cox (CSIRO).

The ANDS presentations are as follows:

  • I’m a Sensitive Soul: How to share sensitive data safely and simply, Sarah Olesen, Tuesday, 28 October, 3pm–3:30pm
  • The ResearchLink Initiative: The nexus between data, publications, and grants, Adrian Burton and Amir Aryani, Tuesday, 28 October, 5pm–5:30pm
  • The Value of Research Data to the Nation, Richard Ferrers, Wednesday, 29 October, 12:30pm–1pm.

Visit the ANDS Events webpage for more information. And make sure you say hello to the ANDS team at the ANDS booth at eResearch Australasia!


RDSI Vendor Panel – Ongoing RFP

The RDSI/CAUDIT Vendor Panel continues to accept Request For Proposals (RFPs) on an ongoing basis.  The Vendor Panel has been set up to support the procurement of data storage infrastructure by the RDSI Nodes, higher-education and research sector in Australia and New Zealand.

Vendor Panel applicants can apply any time and will be assessed in accordance with the compliance and evaluation criteria by an independent Vendor Panel Evaluation Committee

Current members will remain on the Vendor Panel and do not need to reapply.

Further Information and forms are available from https://www.rdsi.edu.au/join-vendor-panel

Enquiries: vepa@rdsi.uq.edu.au


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